Hi, I’m Sarah

Hie! My name is Sarah Zee and welcome to my food blog Cook Now Cry Later. I’m super excited for this to come to fruition as it’s been a long time coming and a goal of mine for a while now. Cooking has always been close to my heart since I can remember and I was taught a plethora of fundamentals at a young age by my mother who is a trained Chef. She was able to set me up for success from teaching me knife skills (which I still desperately need to practise) to knowing what a mise en place is.

My Mission

Making any type of bread is one of life’s simple pleasures

I’m looking to help people get a passion for cooking like me. It’s always so fun starting with simple ingredients and creating something different each time.

For all of us, cooking can look very different. Some like to keep it simple, and some would like to try a more difficult or intermediate style of recipe. I’m here to blend those worlds together and learn along side with you.

I’m hoping to create some recipes along side with you and get out of the comfort zones we may be in.


My Vision

Home sweet home

Like many of us I’m sure COVID really turned our lives upside down. I don’t think there’s anyone in the world left unaffected. I found myself with so much spare time I didn’t know what do to. After watching the same Netflix show over and over the one thing that was a constant in my life was cooking. 

It was a static element of my day I could always rely on. I tried my best to order some food to support local restaurants as they’ve undoubtedly been hit the hardest and it didn’t seem fair. That being said there was only so much monetary support I could give while being off work. Living in Toronto afforded me all the best cuisines from around the world and at the time I took that for granted. It seemed like a fever dream being stuck inside for months (x2) and I was left wanting those elite flavour profiles I was desperately missing.

I decided it was time to break out of my mental rolodex of recipes from the years and really dive in to cuisines I have only had eating out. There’s been quite a few hits and even more misses but thats the fun in all this. I’ve always loved learning new things, new techniques and how to properly develop my cooking as a home cook. Quarantine allowed me to really take my time, another thing I took for granted.

I’m hoping for all of you to be kind to yourselves and really take the time on you, or whoever you’re cooking for. It is a language that spans the entire world and can really bring people together no matter what. Step outside of your comfort zone, try to make something that takes a few hours to make. For me taking simple ingredients and completely transforming them with minmal effort and time is one of the worls greatest gifts.

Lets get cooking, we can all cry later.